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How to Enable Google Chrome on dark mode Android ?–2019

Google Chrome Dark Mode On Android.    

Google Chrome is the most Popular web browser.
All most every person use google chrome as a default browse.
Google Chrome available for Android,ios,mac,pc & Laptop.

Google chrome has height level of security system to your personal data & give you privacy protection.
It also has some advance features like  Ultra fast loading, Data savings, lite mode of any website etc.

Google chrome has another Exciting feature.which is called as Reader mode or View simple mode.Reader mode make any website content so simple by removing all the ads And unnecessary javascript & Css.

Beacuse of this exciting features chrome has got massive popularity overnight and now this is Become the most likely web browser.

For laptop and pc users chrome has support for the extensions.By using  extensions it is possible to enable chorme dark mode.
But for Android chrome doesn't support any kind of extensions.And for Android there are no other dark mode or dark theme option on chrome.Even there are no other way to download dark chrome apk.

Now the question is Enable dark mode on google Chrome on Android?

Don't worry i am here for you.
Today in this article i will show you some simple and easy to enable Google chrome dark mode.
This is the simple and ligal way.

Enable Google chrome dark mode on Android.
By using this step mostly people got succuss to Enable Google chrome dark mode.

So first step is Enable Google chrome dark mode using Chrome flags.
This is the best way to enable google chrome dark mode.

Enable Dark Chrome:Chrome://flags.

Here is the simple step to enable chorme dark mode. This is the official Experimental Flag settings.

1.If you have using old version of google chrome then this method will not gonna work.

Make sure that you have the updated google chrome.Or you don’t have the updated version then click on "update now" & update your chrome browser.

2.Here is the step number "2"
Now open your update chrome browser and type this url–"chrome://flags" and go.

3.Now Search for the term ‘Dark’.flags settings on Chrome Android.

4.Now, you can see two options Android UI dark mode and Android web Contents Dark Mode.

5.Now enable "Android Chrome UI dark mode" and Relaunch Your browser.

6.Again Search for "Dark" in chrome flags search bar and Now enable " Android web contents dark mode" and relaunch your browser.

7.Again Search for "Dark" in chrome flags search bar and Now Disable " Android web contents dark mode" and relaunch your browser.♥All Done.

8.Now go to chrome more options or click three dot(.) menu and click on setting.

9.Done ! You will see a Dark mode option on basic setting section.

10.Click on Dark mode and enable dark theme on chrome with your Android device.

Conclusion :

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